Sunday, September 16, 2012

v9 major update: continued bigWig support, new custom track UI, bug fix

Access source code from our public Dropbox folder.

bigWig format is continue to be supported

In this code release we continue to support bigWig file format. Now user has more options for visualizing quantitative data: either via bedGraph files compressed by tabix, or bigWig files.

The main advantage of bigWig over bedGraph files is that bigWig performs much faster at high-level, low-resolution browsing.

That is when you look at data at very large genomic intervals or whole chromosomes, especially the case of Bird's Eye View.

But when browsing at finer scale, we don't observe any performance difference between the two data formats.

However, saved sessions prior to this change have gone void due to this change. We're sorry for this inconvenience.

New user interface for custom track function

Click a tab belonging to one type of custom track to see the submission panel.

Showing the panel for bedGraph tracks. Click "GO BACK" on top to slid back.

Bug fix

A bug associated with Gene Plot is fixed. Now it correctly handles genes with only 1 exon.

A bug with getting chromosome sequence during Gene Set View is fixed. When the Browser is running Gene Set View at very fine zoom level, the chromosome sequence can be correctly shown.