Friday, March 23, 2012

Enhanced track information display

An enhanced display of heatmap track information is now available. To use it, right click on genome heatmap to invoke context menu and select "Information" option:

A panel will appear in floating toolbox showing the track information:

You can see information are now categorized for display. On show is the "general" category, in this case are general info that are retrieved from GEO website.

Second category is data processing parameters and stats. Usually we can't just take the processed data as granted but we have to look into the way it was generated to see if it make any sense at all.

Next category is "Other versions". Right now there's nothing, but we are re-processing the Roadmap and ENCODE data and you will be able to look at our versions as alternative when you are not satisfied with what's available from GEO.

Next category is link to GEO. If the track corresponds to an entry in GEO database, a button will be displayed here. Pushing the button will take you to there.

The last category is the juice, the real thing. However there isn't any contents at the moment, and you have to wait until we finish the re-processing. By then you will be able to look at detailed read alignment for any sequencing tracks available on our browser.