Sunday, March 18, 2012

Enhanced chromosome ideogram graph

This is about the small chromosome ideogram graph on top left corner of the page, not the ideogram graph beneath genome heatmap.

The graph always shows entire chromosome ideogram in which current displayed region locates. It used to be in fixed width. Now the width adjusts to page width. And a ruler is shown below it to mark out sequence length:

You can still drag on the ideogram graph to zoom into a region.

However when current displayed region spans multiple chromosomes, the graph will change into something like this:

Above shows a region spanning chr9 and chr10. Instead of drawing ideograms of chr9 and chr10 two hollow boxes are drawn. Beneath them shows approximate length of the two chromosomes.

And finally, when doing Gene Set View, the graph will be like following:

Where boxes with alternating fill color are used to indicate genes used in the View. Gene name is printed inside box whenever it fits in.

And enjoy the Spring Break!