Friday, March 7, 2014

v33 (2 of 2): hide "undesirable items" from a track!


Click the "gear" button to the right of the Apps button:

Check the checkbox labeled "Allow pack and hide", and read the message that appears underneath:

By keeping this checkbox checked, you have access to the "Pack and Hide" functions. Both functions allow you to alter a gene track by hiding "undesirable items". "Pack" can be used to remove items with identical names and overlapping coordinates.

E.g. there are multiple gene models for the human PAX5 gene, right click on the track and click the "PACK" button:

Only 1 PAX5 gene transcript will be left after "packing":

To delete the microRNA gene in the middle, click on it and push the "HIDE" button:

Then it's gone:

To make items reappear, zoom the browser by either zoom in or zoom out. YOU ONLY MODIFY THE RUN-TIME DATA in your web browser, but not the actual data on our server.

Disclaimer: By using this function you agree that you (but not us) will be responsible for any consequences of your actions.