Thursday, January 16, 2014

v31 (1 of 3): Improved user interface

In version 31, we introduce a few changes to the user interface in the hope of improving user experience.

The greetings page, with a catalog of genomes:

Once you've chosen a genome, a few options appears in anticipation of your next move. You can add custom tracks, load public hub (if available), or skip these and go to browser:

A concise toolbar, now only with 3 buttons. Click the "Tracks" button to see a menu which allows you to access and manage all tracks in one place. Since we haven't got any tracks loaded, the menu below appears blank:

When we have a public data hub loaded such as Roadmap Epigenomics data set, we can see vital statistics in this menu, such as total track number, and those on show. Click the number area to open the facet panel (or track table) for track selection: