Friday, July 5, 2013

v20 (3 of 3): refresh cache of custom tracks

When you have some custom tracks displayed on the Browser, and you updated the track files, you need tell the Browser to refresh cache of the updated track, so that it can be correctly displayed.

To refresh cache of custom tracks, click "CustomTK" button on the top of browser and find the button  (this button will only be shown when custom tracks have been submitted):

Click the button to open a new panel:

Choose tracks that need to be refreshed by clicking the track box, then click button to refresh the cache. You can select multiple of tracks and submit. Do not hide this panel while the server is working.

When the cache is refreshed, the track will be marked by a green tick. Upon any error the track will be marked by a red cross:

After the cache has been successfully refreshed, you can resume browsing by closing this panel.