Friday, June 14, 2013

v19: navigation and apps buttons, adjust browser panel width

This version of our code release features more easily accessible buttons for navigation and apps functions. In the past these buttons are in the floating toolbox, but now they are fitted into the header of browser panel:

The group of buttons on left (in red enclosure) are navigation buttons, they are:
+: zoom in 1 fold
-1/3: zoom out 1/3 fold
-1: zoom out 1 fold
-5: zoom out 5 fold
<: pan left
>: pan right

The group on right (in blue enclosure) are application buttons:
Tracks: click to access the collection of tracks for this genome, including experimental assay tracks and annotation tracks
CustomTK: custom track submission and management interface
Apps: list of applications
Gear button: options for adjusting browser panel width

Please note that the red and blue enclosure are only for screenshot highlighting.

A similar set of buttons is available for secondary panels.

To adjust browser panel width, click Gear button (⚙) to show the options:

Click  in the first row, an orange pane appears covering the browser panel, as an indication of the perspective dimension to adjust to:

Then press to apply the new width.

The second rows of buttons are used to adjust the strip of space on the left of browser panel (where track names are shown).

Download from our server, or dropbox.