Thursday, March 28, 2013

v16: Quick load, animated zoom, and bug fixes!

The version 16 code release highlights several new features, as well as a bunch of bug fixes.

You can download our source code from our server or dropbox folder.

Quick loading of a genome

If you want to quickly load up a genome on the browser, use the "Quick" button on the genome logo.

By clicking this button will let the browser load up more quickly by not loading the default experimental assay tracks.

Animated zoom effect
By dragging on the chromosome bar under the genome heatmap, or clicking Zoom Out button, the browser will show an animated zooming effect.

Configure track height
A unified method is now available to control track height through out the browser:

Right click on a numerical or categorical track and select Configure:

In the control panel, use +/- buttons to increase or decrease track height. You might need to click for multiple times to reach the desired height:

You can unify the heights of a group of tracks. To see that, right click in metadata color map where a color block spans across multiple tracks:

An extra button "Unify" appears. Clicking it will bring the heights of this group of tracks to a "consensus height":

Change color setting in metadata color map

Click on none-gray area on metadata color map and choose "Change color" option, following panel will appear to let you configure the colors:


Custom track and data hub are now correctly displayed in split panels.

Rearranging chromosomal order in Circlet graph now works correctly.

Wrong display on Firefox and Safari browsers have been fixed.