Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Problem with Gene Plot chart rendering fixed

So Google has just updated their Chart API (specifically, some minor changes with DataTable). And that breaks chart rendering in Gene Plot function... I just updated the Browser code and now it complies with the changes, and yields charts with a slightly new appearance.

Above example is first plot type. A grid in gray lines appears in the plot, hope you don't mind... And you can press on a data point, sort of stamping. Same thing applies to plot types two (multiple curves) and three (gene segments).

= = =

By the way, it is now possible to sort gene set using data from quantitative genomic feature track. Here's the interface:

The second button  is newly added here. Click to use:

Here in this example "GC percent" track is selected. Note all the other positional tracks (like CpG island, genes) turns gray means that you should not select them. Only quantitative tracks should be selected.

And here's the example of sorting genes using average GC percent (ascending order):