Thursday, September 1, 2011

Add / remove genes for Gene Set View

Now in the Gene Set View, you can edit existing gene set by adding/removing genes from it.

After submitting gene set, the available operations will be displayed in Gene Set View panel. Unfold the "modify gene set" panel by clicking the blue banner:

In the "Add / remove genes" section, you can add new genes (text area on left), and review/remove existing ones (list on right).

Adding new genes is simple, just enter list of genes or coordinates and press "Add" button, they will be displayed immediately, and will show up at bottom of the list on right.

As example below, I'm adding a genomic interval (chr2:172948000-172969000, the DLX gene cluster), and mef2c gene to existing list of cytochrome P450 genes:

After submission, the view looks like:

Removing genes is also simple. In the right-side list, each gene occupies one row, and is preceded by a button with cross mark. Click the button to mark the gene for removal. That row will also turn into gray background. Click the button again to unmark. As example below, I marked three genes preceding the DLX gene cluster interval:

Click update to actually remove them, and the view will update accordingly.